Insight and Inspiration: An introductory guide to enterprise education for creative students

Insight and Inspiration guide

An introduction to enterprise education for creative subject students.
by Frances Brown, supported by NACUE Create

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“The guide is a simple, cut-to-the-chase tool for any educator or indeed any person hoping to create a valuable learning experience for a creative subject student. I hope this guide will inform (or perhaps just confirm what they’ve suspected all along) and encourage readers, to create fun, engaging and valuable programmes for their creative students.” Luka Blackman-Gibbs, Head of NACUE Create.

This guide was designed to be of use to educators in a variety of different roles and with varying levels of experience, for this reason we created it in two parts. The first part of the guide provides insight from students, graduates, creative business owners and educators on the kind of issues that may arise and the very specific needs of budding creatives, and part two outlines ideas for learning activities and shares exemplars from the great work in creative enterprise education across the UK.

“Being creative is a buzz that will never leave you and that’s what drives and motivates most people, yet to keep the opportunities coming after graduation is a real challenge for our students and we think we need to help. I hope this information helps you to help your
students find their creative futures.” Professor Andy Penaluna Chair in Creative Entrepreneurship

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