AHRC Digital Technology + Creative Enterprise

09/2012 – Present


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“Key themes of digital transformation and entrepreneurship and the creative economy are merged to provide students and ECRs with a forward thinking and engaging insight into integrating digital technology with the creative enterprise skills package for artists, designers and makers whether their ‘product’ be physical or knowledge based. Theory and examples will cover opportunity recognition and creation, operation in a global and digital economy, sustainable and flexible business practices and communication and collaboration enhanced by the use of digital technology.

The aim of the project is to develop and disseminate training and materials that will increase the participants knowledge of the possibilities and benefits of using digital technologies to aid the progression of knowledge-based and physical creativity, transformed via a digital pathway into commercial and sustainable business ventures.” – Project Bid


Stories have been collected from creative businesses in USA, China and the UK via researcher networks and found through social media.

Stage 1 – Data collected from creative businesses in Vanilla Ink Studio, The Studio at Loughborough University, Institute of Creative Enterprise, Coventry University and individuals via twitter and social media. Participants asked about their business strategy needs and current use of digital technology in order to establish opportunities for development.
Stage 2 – Develop intervention for businesses and collect feedback at a on issues and benefits. Collect ‘stories’ from creative businesses.
Stage 3 – Create final workshop for students and ECRs using acquired knowledge from previous stages.


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