PhD Research – Creative Enterprise Education

2010 – Present

A design based analysis of creative enterprise education in Uk HEIs

The PhD focusses on the skills development of those students who will enter the creative industries after graduation via creative enterprise education. Key research has shown that the self-employed, freelancers and SMEʼs dominate the creative and cultural industries and that the majority of those entering this industry are university graduates (Leadbeater and Oakley, 1999). Despite the importance of educating creative students ʻaboutʼ and ʻforʼ enterprise, creative enterprise education continues to face challenges such as lack institutional and financial support (Brown, 2010), industry buy-in (Burns, 2010), longitudinal studies and sector communication (Naudin, 2010).

The aim of the proposed research is to examine creative enterprise education through the experiences and insights of primary stakeholders and to investigate how stakeholder behavior and interaction can aid development of current creative enterprise educational strategies and research.

The proposed research will review the current state of creative enterprise in higher education institutions, identify the key gaps between policy and literature, student and graduate experience and industry needs and use these gaps as focus for improvement by educators and industry stakeholders. Insights gained during the research will be shared through open source platforms to invite comment and discussion and wider access and interaction across the sector.


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Research Posters


Creative Enterprise Education in Uk HEIs

Creative Enterprise Education in Uk HEIs


Poster Draft April 2012 copy


Frances Brown a1 poster copy


One thought on “PhD Research – Creative Enterprise Education

  1. Hi Frances – we talked on Twitter! This is fascinating work and I am wondering if there are any published materials that I could view and possibly reference in a chapter that I’m writing that examines the role extra-curricular collaboration in fostering enterprise for music technology undergraduates?

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