January 2013

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Bracket Monday intro blog

Project Overview – Bracket Mondays

Bracket Mondays was designed as strategy for the development, testing and communication of the ‘Bracket Methodology’ with the end goals of increased reputation of the owner, improved knowledge of and trust in Bracket activities and methods and eventually increased income via new revenue streams leading to possibilities for increased Bracket staffing.


To create a methodology that can be communicated in a variety of ways providing differing levels of price and thus different customer groups.

To create a strategy to communicate, test and deliver the Methodology to Bracket’s various customer groups.

Project Outcomes

Various Documents were created for as the final delivery for the Bracket KED providing information on the analysis of Bracket, strategy instructions and overview and practical tools for delivery.

Feedback from Bracket

“This has been an extremely valuable piece of work for me and Bracket. Not only has Frances distilled key information that I found it hard to articulate, she has turned into a clear and straightforward strategy, which I am easily able to implement.

I found the KED useful for various reasons. 1) to identify how I could effectively use the skills of a PhD student 2) to have someone working alongside me for a week, asking various questions, interviewing and observing me – this helped me to articulate concepts that had been implicit in my behaviour, and encouraged me to think further about what really drives me and the business 3) the material presented afterwards is practical, implementable and has given me a clear road map which I can test at the end of the year to establish its success.

I know that Frances spent additional time to what was required of the KED, after the placement to pull together the documents and material for me. In this sense, I would recommend a longer placement – one week on site, one week for analysis and presentation. I would also recommend that students are guided to providing the host with a report that is actionable and easy to digest, as Frances has done with me.

I honestly feel that this has been one of the most productive exercises I’ve undertaken since I started my business. I was feeling quite stuck and to have that external insight and analysis has helped me get over a hurdle.”

The Bracket Knowledge Exchange in Design was supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

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